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regarding Tohoís science fiction franchise.


Aliens- A guide to the extraterrestrial civilizations of the Toho Universe.

Earthlings- Guide to Tohoís peoples of Earth.

Organizations- A guide to varying military, scientific, and political teams.

Bases- Some of the more memorable bases of operations.

Mecha- Separated into parts for vehicles, weapons, and artificial intelligence.

Technology- Guide to time travel, Justipower, micro-oxygen, and the like.

Timeline- A timeline of major events, taken from actual date declarations and context clues.

Monsters- Guide to unusual animals of relatively small size.

Giant Monsters- A necessary part of any database to the Toho Universe, the Daikaijuu.

Characters- By no means a complete set of all the characters, just the ones that struck my fancy.

Links- The best Toho SciFi sites on the internet.



Defining this page

There are many sources for information on the Toho Universe, known to most as the Godzilla Universe, a title that I donít approve of, seeing as how plenty of films and television shows within its domain donít even have Godzilla in them. As I just said, there are many sources, but each and every one of them seemed to present me a problem.

Some would focus only on Godzilla, ignoring films like Atragon, War of the Gargantuas, or the Mysterians entirely. Some would focus on characters like Gappa and Gamera, completely unrelated to the Toho Universe. Some would choose to ignore TV shows, video games, and comics from the Toho Universe. Some would only focus on monsters and completely ignore the wide variety of aliens and technology the universe is famous for. Some were monster galleries with no stats, some were monster stats with no galleries. Some focused on everything Toho has ever distributed, related to the Universe of not, and some were bogged down with excessive flowery and pretentious writing superceding information in their character descriptions. So, I dug around, collected as many Toho Universe media and source books as I could find, and decided to make my own page.

This page seeks to create a single, comprehensive universe encompassing all Toho Universe events pieced together from various literature and periodicals. However, certain ďcross-overĒ events have not been included due to the characters in them originating in non-Toho related material.

Vampires, Frankenstein, and other characters seen in official Toho Universe compendiums are included, though only in their Toho Universe forms, not their original permutations. The sole exception to this is the Toei/Rankin-Bass animated King Kong series, as the Toho/Rankin-Bass movie King Kong Escapes was a direct sequel to it.

The Godzillaís Gang and Shogun Warriors toy lines featured characters firmly established in other series, such as Ultraman, Mazinger, and Grandizer, so they have not been included.

Dark Horse Comicsí Hero Zero and the Marvel Comics characters not originating in the Godzilla comics have been omitted, but characters originating in the Godzilla line are included, regardless of what Marvel did with them later (i.e. Spiderman and Devil Dinosaur not included, Red Ronin and Yetrigar included in red). The Mutated Godzilla from Iron Man and Wolverine comics has been omitted, as well, not being part of the Godzilla line. The Marvel comics are a fishy area, but I still think they deserve some recognition.

Newzilla has not been included because those Dr. Pepper commercials were created with parody in mind, the same goes for the Charles Barkley shoe commercials, and Bambi vs. Godzilla.

The Random house Godzilla novels have not been included, as they didnít have much to offer to the continuity and integrating them would be a pain, as they basically reinvent every character. The video games have been included to an extent, though I chose to ignore certain monsters that died before the games take place.

Events and characters included from Toho Films, but never officially mentioned in any chronology, that Iíve seen are listed in green (Pyrokinesis, Returner), as long as they seem to fit with the rest and donít directly conflict with anything.

There really arenít as many chronology problems as people seem to think, and the idea that each movie has its own separate timeline really bugs me, but, if you insist, consider this based on the Final Wars timeline, as that has nearly every kaijuu from the Showa, Heisei, and Millennium series mentioned somewhere.

To keep monster sizes in proportion, most of the size stats will be compared with what the monster was around at the time, usually Godzilla. Estimated sizes are in italics. Monster weights have been omitted because itís difficult to guess and I really donít care.

This page will not be a guide to all things Toho-related. Information on the filmmakers, actors, and movies themselves will not be provided here, though the Links page has a list of sites that do have it.

If any information on this page is incorrect (my Japanese is mediocre at best, and much of my source material is unavailable in English), contact me:

I have no affiliation with Toho Co Ltd, Columbia/Tristar, Marvel Comics, or any company owning rights to the characters presented on this database, other than being a devout fan wishing to spread as much knowledge as possible. All characters are copyright their respective owners (in some cases, I really donít know who that is, e.g. Tricephalon)