10 years and still going…



The Obnoxious Undead- This is my current project, inspired by various horror and monster movies and books that I’m so fond of.

The story follows a high school student named Stoker who, on a fluke, is turned into a vampire on Halloween night. His attempts to balance regular and supernatural life lead to wacky antics, especially since his sire seems intent on putting the moves on his high school crush.


Chapter 1 and Foreword zipped

Chapter 2 + Prequel 1 and Kubotraman zipped

Foreword individual pages

Chapter 1 individual pages

Chapter 2 individual pages

Chapter 3 - incomplete

Bonus Side Story: Kubotraman the Movie- a gift to those in my freshmen year Japanese class.

Prequel 1 Chaney’s back-story

Extra Art Unsorted Illustrations



Cyborg Sevender- My other current project, a tribute to old-school Japanese science fiction, specifically the hero genre.

After being struck down at a young age, Shinichi, the son of a famous robotics expert, is reconstructed in a mechanical body. Unable to return to his previous life, he resolves to battle Inhumanoid crime in the streets, oil refineries, and abandoned quarries of Neo Tokyo.



Chapter 1- incomplete




Alex in Wonderland: The Golden Fetch- One of my former projects. This comic is based on a short story by my friend Braylan, originally done as a 10th grade writing assignment. We decided to adapt it into a movie, which never happened, but I started drawing the thing almost as a storyboard, and this is the result. Unfortunately, of the four chapters, I can only find one and a half of them, presented here. I might get around to re-completing the thing if demand is raised, but for now, this is all there is, unless the rest turns up somewhere.

The story itself is a semi-autobiographical (for Braylan, that is) analysis of good & evil, death, reality, philosophy, and the nature of the universe, along with freaky nightmare-inducing imagery.


Chapter 1 zipped

Chapter 1 individual pages

Chapter 2 – incomplete

Unused Character Designs that never made it into the story

New Cover – A larger version of the picture above, much better than the Original Cover


NEW! The story continues, redrawn from memory:

Chapter 2 – completed

Chapter 3 – completed

Chapter 4 – completed FINAL EPILOGUE!





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